Friday, December 29, 2006

I am arranging my office in a new room, so I had to dismantle my computer. I have been looking forward to giving you a taste of what I'm working on, but I am having a difficult time getting internet set up. It should be early next week for me to be back online.

Until then, Happy New Year! Love to you all!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I just heard from the vet.
The vet you ask? Yes, the vet.
My husband got me a beautiful Pomeranian puppy, about three months old, just before Christmas. He was one of my presents. I named him Cato, but I often call him little bear. Though, honestly, he looks like a little fox.
Little Bear is much too curious though. And he seems to forget that he's much too big to wrangle larger dogs.
We have a sheppard we keep on a run behind the house because she's just about uncontrollable. She likes to tear things up. Today, when my son went to feed her, he forgot that he had let the puppy out. And though little Bear won't go up around the sheppared on his own, he will if anyone else is there.
Before my son, Bret could stop him, he charged up the hill right into the sheppards path, and she attacked him.
Simi, my Sheppared, has never been a mean dog, and she's never fought other dogs, but she's decided she doesn't like Cato.
She grabbed him and before Bret could get her to release him she had placed two punctures in Cato's side.
We had to rush him to the vet where they're keeping him overnight. The punctures weren't bad the Vet said, but he's very concerned at the soreness in Cato's stomach and wants to make certain the spleen hadn't been ruptured and that there was no internal bleeding.
I miss my puppy. Several times tonight I've caught myself calling for him, wondering where that little ball of furry energy was and what he was getting into.
The vet is positive he's going to be okay, and his call was to reassure me that everything was going fine and I should be able to pick him up tomorrow.
It will be good to have him back home yapping at my feet and demanding that I play with him.
And now, I'm back to my revision. No rest for the wicked my hubby says. *snort* I say that's him, it shouldn't be me. LOL
Goodnight, sweet dreams. And uhhh, you might want to check back in a day or two for a little excerpt or two. I'm pulling a few things out to post that I think you might enjoy.
Christmas has passed and I find myself exhausted. I also find that I've not updated the blog in weeks. *sigh* I'm going to do better. I now have a note on my desk to remind me to update daily.
It's been a wild month. With shopping, family, and trying to fit deadlines in with the Holiday Season I've found myself stretching my ability to keep up. But I think I see light at the end of the tunnel. At least, I hope I have.
We have several things coming in January. Be sure to sign into the newsletter, Sensuous Escapes to be certain to get the new upcoming issues on the making of the book trailer for Dangerous Games. And coming to the website soon, will be the first of three trailers we'll be uploading in January for the new book. You're going to love these. I know I did.
Dangerous Games, the second installment of the Tempting SEALs series from St. Martins. You met the heroine Morganna in Honk If You Love Real Men, in the novella Reno's Chance. Also coming in February 2007 is the anthology Real Men Do It Better, the novella For Maggies Sake.
There's a lot of information upcoming on other projects and releases as well. I'm currently preparing the revisions for Forbidden Pleasures, the first full length novel in the Bound Hearts series for St. Martins.
I've recieved several emails asking me about the heat level of this series since its moving from Elloras Cave to St. Martins. The heat level is just as intense, though hopefully you will find that the development of characters and plot is just as indepth. I'm enjoying this project and I'm learning a lot working on it.
Those revisions should be mailed into the editor tomorrow and then I'll be working on edits for Hidden' Agenda's the fourth book in the SEALs series. I'm loving me some SEALs right now. LOL
If you haven't picked up the newest Elloras Cave print release in the Bound Hearts, the two novellas Wicked Intent and Sacrifice in the Wicked Sacrifice print, you can now purchase that at Harmony's Way is now available there in autraphed print as well.
And now, farewell till hopefully tomorrow. I'm off and running and back to writing. I hope your Christmas was merry and bright, filled with warmth, good cheer and love. And I hope in these few days before we gear up for the New Year, that you find lots of great books to read, and many heroes to love.