Thursday, August 31, 2006

I needed just a little break. I just came off a 108,000 word book, Tanner's Scheme as well as Galleys that I had to do a rush job on. So I started Hidden Agenda's and my brain just felt froze. It just wasn't working. So I picked up a book I had gotten a while back but hadn't had the pleasure of reading yet. Dinah's Dark Desire by Mechele Armstrong from Loose Id.
OMG. I rarely ever read books that have m/m action, because its just not something that turns me on. But this one did. Ms. Armstrong weaved a very strong m/m/f relationship that had me reading from beginning to end without laying the book down. I highly recommend it. It has suspense, as well as good conflict, very sexy heroes and some really hot action.
So if you're looking for a hot, really interesting suspense, I recommend Dinah's Dark Desire.
Now, I need to a few more books to read. I'm going to check out my TBR pile.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm tired. LOL
I finished just a fix or two here and there and sent Tanner's Scheme out to my CP. It will be out to Berkley within a week or so.
Now, I'll be finishing Hidden Agendas. I had most of it, but I knew it needed some fixes and I wasn't certain what. Which is the reason I laid it aside while I finished Tanner. I needed time to think about it and time to consider it. I think I have it figured out now. I should have it finished in just a few weeks I predict. I'll then be back on schedule. Which is very important. I have 8 more books to complete between Berkley and St. Martins, and getting behind is not an option at this point. *deep sigh* I need more hours in the day. LOL
Thank all of you for your emails. I'm working my way through them now. And those who have posted on the forum and the loraleighchatters list in regards to the excerpts, thank you. It keeps me going and it keeps me trying to write books you'll enjoy.
And now, onward I go. I think I need more coffee. LMAO

Monday, August 28, 2006

Tanner's Scheme is done. Stamp finished on that bad boy, in 25 days. 105K the absolute longest Breed book ever written. (Elizabeth's Wolf was 70K) Not that I expect that length to stand up against the editors little red pencil. LOL. But, its finished, way longer than my current record of Elizabeth's Wolf in 21 days.
It poured itself out. I just hope it poured itself well. LOL
And now, for the promise I made you. An excerpt right? I hope the dirty words past muster here. LOL



After hanging up, she moved to the balcony doors. Sliding the curtains open Scheme opened the doors and stepped onto the shadowed expanse overlooking D.C. They were twenty floors up, and the view was breathtaking.
“I never tire of staying here,” she said as she felt him moved behind her, crowding her against the railing it. “From here, you can feel the pulse of the city below.”
It was almost sensual, intimate. That was why she enjoyed it. She wasn’t a part of the frantic pace from her position above the city. She was a voyeur, inhaling the life below and sustaining herself on it.”
“Why here and not at your home?” he asked her again, the warmth of his breath caressing the shell of her ear.
“You’re tenacious.” Her fingers tightened on the rail as she felt his hands move to her hips. “It’s peaceful here. Almost anonymous.” There were no hidden eyes watching, no malevolent ears dissecting each word, each move she made. Until his arrival, she had been safe here.
She turned, unable to bear the threat of his large body behind her without the benefit of seeing his face. Would he show a shift of expression? A subtle warning tense of his body if he made his move to kill her here.
When she stared up at him, his head tilted to the side, his eyes gleaming oddly in the dim light.
“You think I’m going to kill you?” Sensually full lips curved into an amused grin. “I wouldn’t kill you, Scheme. Fuck the hell out of you, yes. Turn you over to Breed Law, definitely. But I won’t kill you.”
“You can’t turn me over to Breed Law, Tanner,” she sighed as she regarded calmly. “I haven’t done anything.”
She was a double agent for the Bureau of Breed Affairs. Jonas might be a son of a bitch, but he wouldn’t see her pay for the very crimes she had committed to gain evidence against her father and the Council.
“Your signature is on kill orders, pretty girl,” he whispered, leaning forward to lay his lips against her ear. Wicked incisors scraped over the tender shell. “Pictures of your meetings with several suspected Council members. All we need is the confession of a close associate. Do you think that’s possible?”
Her lips quirked wryly. “I think Tanner, that you could acquire just about anything you wanted, if you wanted it bad enough.”
He frowned, his brow furrowing with a hint of frustration as his fingers tightened on her hips.
“You’re so confident of escaping Breed Law,” he said softly. “You should know better. Your father has headed the training branch of the Council for decades, and for the past ten years, we know you’ve been involved. Proving a definite isn’t all that hard to do.”
“So prove it.” She shrugged.
It would never happen. No one would dare betray her father in such a way, except her of course, and even if they did, she had the agreement she had signed with Jonas years before.
It was too bad Jonas trusted no one at Sanctuary. Having fall back position was always important. In this case, there was no safety net other than the place she had found to hide the agreement they signed.
“You could come clean.” He lowered his head further, his teeth rasping over her shoulder, following by his tongue.
Scheme forced herself to breathe normally, and nearly failed. That should not be erotic. She shouldn’t be creaming helplessly in response to something so simple.
“I just showered,” she whispered at his ear. “I promise you, I’m very clean.”
He nipped her shoulder. The sensual little pain brought a gasp from her lips and sent weakness shuddering through her body.
“I smell you,” he growled then. “You’re wet. So wet the scent of your arousal is like a drug.”
Scheme tried, she really did try, to force herself to focus. Her lashes fluttered against her cheeks though as his lips were suddenly on hers.
Sweet heaven. She hated kissing. She really did. But this kiss. Her hands tangled in his hair immediately, holding him to her as his lips slanted over hers and his tongue took immediate possession of her mouth. This kiss hot, blistering with sexual intent and lustful demand, literally swept through her senses.
His arms wrapped around her as he dragged her from the rail only to turn and press her into the wall of the balcony. He surrounded her. He was around her, inside her, heating her, warming her. Sending shards of brilliant heat to explode around her clitoris as her hips arched against him.
Damn, he needed to bottle this kiss. He could make a fortune.
One big hand moved to tangle in her head, pulling at it, causing her scalp to sting erotically as he pulled her head back, breaking the kiss before his lips singed her neck.
Scheme’s eyes drifted open, not that she could see much, her vision was hazy, dazed.
Lifting to the tips of her toes she sought to push the aching flesh between her thighs against the stiff length of his erection beneath his slacks.
Oh that was good. A whispering moan fell from her lips as she finally managed to rub the aching center of her body against him.
Then his hips thrust back to her, one hand gripping her ass to lift her.
“Put your legs around my waist,” he panted at her ear, doing that growly thing again. It made her want to lick his lips, to feel the vibration of it against her own.
Her legs moved around his waist, and then she saw stars.
Oh my. This was dangerous. She whimpered, and she never whimpered, when his cock pressed fully against her thighs and his hips did that rotating thing.
When a woman carried the name Scheme, she had to learn to live up to it. Right now, she was not living up to it. She was panting in heat and proud of it.
“I can feel the heat of your pussy through my pants.” His voice stroked her, the animalistic rumble stroking her from the inside out.
“Not a good idea.”
She was supposed to be cool. Calm. She was supposed to remember, Breeds hated her. Right?

Remember that one Schemer? Dangerous territory here.
“I’ve been dying to shove my dick inside you.” Explicit. He did not mince words in the slightest.
“Oh geeze, you’re such a romantic,” she gasp in no way turned off by the dangerously erotic statement.
“Did you want romance?” He nipped the line of her jaw. “Pretty lies to soften this.”
This being his teeth raking over her desperate nipple above the velvet before he drew the hard point, material and all, into his mouth.
The tight, muffled scream that left her lips shocked her. Oh shit. She was going to orgasm. Right here, pressed against the wall, from nothing but his teeth working the tight bud of her nipple.
And she wasn’t even embarrassed.
Could someone say paddle here? Because she was definitely up a less than safe creek and navigation was chancy at best.
Then he purred.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Tanner's Scheme is nearly finished now. I'm going over the file, start to finish to lay in a few more things before I put THE END to it. It's been an adventure, writing Tanner. More so than I ever thought it would be.
There's so much going on right now. I keep hesitating to post because sometimes, I get overwhelmed. LOL
The wrap up on the shooting for the video trailer of Dangerous Games is nearly completed. I've held back talking about this, simply because I get so excited. The actors are incredibly wonderful and those in charge of putting everything together have done such a wonderful job. I can't wait until its ready to show.
We've found a site that it can download from so I'll be able to put it up on the website, along with the trailers for The Man Within and Elizabeth's Wolf. Everything should be ready for the October deadline on that.
Dangerous Games is also at for pre-order. Dangerous Games is my longest novel yet, part of the SEAL series that St. Martins purchased. It releases in Feb. 07 and I have to say, I consider it one of my best books. Easily as good as Elizabeth's Wolf.
Once the trailer goes up, there will also be a contest running as well with a drawing held before Christmas to give away the goodies. The prizes will be listed in the days ahead.
And now I'm heading back to the completion of Tanner. Once I have the fill ins done, I can put the ending to it, and post an excerpt here. Also be watching soon for excerpts to Harmony's Way and Dangerous Games.
Until later....

Friday, August 25, 2006

Yes, I didn't post last night. I was trying to figure out the last part of Tanner's Scheme. I've 'finished' this thing four times already and each time it just hasn't been right. It doesn't feel right. So I took the evening off to think about it a while. I think I figured it out. But I have to cut the last 20,000 words and completely redo it. A day or two at the most I hope. Sometimes, getting the ending just right, is harder than getting to the end of the book. I think its because I hate letting the characters go. LOL
But I will be working on it all day tomorrow. So hopefully, tomorrow evening, I'll have good news and an excerpt.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I know, I didn't post last night. For a reason. I didn't go to bed. *can we say sleepy here?* I snagged a few hours nap and now I'm back to it.
Have i mentioned how BAD I want to go fishing. Just one day. LOL
Fishing is my little treat to myself for completing a book, and I because Kell in Hidden Agendas was so mean to me this summer, I haven't managed to finish a book. So I haven't go to fishing yet.
I am going to go fishing tomorrow. Tanner's Scheme is going to be finished and on its way to the CP. Then, this weekend, I will finish hidden agendas. I am going to go fishing. *whimper*
Honestly, most of the fault is Tanners, he's whipped through my mind and won't let go until I finish it now. I have to finish it, otherwise I will never sleep.
I did this with Elizabeth's Wolf too. Didn't sleep, didn't want to break to eat, I stayed in a constant fit of writing to complete it. Tanner has done the same. Now, lets just pray you like it as well. LOL
Now, I'm back to work. Tonight. I WILL FINISH TONIGHT. *whimpering* I really need to finish this tonight.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Transcripts from last nights chats have been posted on the forum at

And at the Lora Leigh Chatters Group

We talked a lot about Breeds last night and the upcoming Tanner's Scheme if you would like to check those out.

I'm currently on page 370 on Tanner's Scheme and I'm TRYING to get it done tonight. *sigh* I've never noticed how many distractions I have through the day until this week. LMAO
Page 355, a little over 69K words. Yes, I didn't get much done. MY darlin husband dragged me out of the house when I got up this morning and we didn't get home until early evening. Then I had chat. *wince* I forgot to post the chat here. I'm sorry. I forgot. But, I will be home all day tomorrow. And I don't told the hubby, he drags me out and I hurt him really bad. Tomorrow, this book finishes. Of course, it might have actually went faster tonight if Scheme hadnt decided to throw a kink in my plans I was all ready to head into the ending and she decided she could be just as much a bad girl as Tanner is a bad boy. I believe she's defintely a good match for my wild Bengal.
But now, I am heading for bed. Its almost three thirty in the morning, and I'm whipped.
See ya'll tomorrow, uhhh morning. LOL.
Be watching, as soon as I finish, I will be sending another excerpt here.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm on page 340 of Tanner's Scheme, of an estimated 400. Though I may go over a bit by time its finished. I spent today going over the fill, laying in a few additional pieces of information and finding out that Tanner likes watching Gilligan's Island. LOL. Yeah, that one surprised me too.
It's close to being finished. I expect tomorrow night to have the rough draft done, an extra night to go over the file again and then sometime around Tues or Weds night, it will go to the CP to fix all my terrible punctuaction and typos. Within a week or so, it will be headed to Berkley and I should then be finishing up Hidden Agenda's for St. Martins, the fourth book in the SEALs series which began with Reno's Chance in the Honk If You Love Real Men Anthology. Be sure not to miss the Real Men Do It Better Anthology in Feb, now on preorder at Amazon, it holds the third book to the series. I'm loving this series too. Dangerous Games, the second book, releases in February as well, a full length novel so hot I thought I though I was going to melt my computer writing it. LOL
And now, I'm heading to bed. I'm enjoying using the blog here, and I hope you're enjoying the information you find here.
So until tomorrow night, good night.

The Bookstore
301 W Lincoln Trail Blvd
Radcliff, Ky 40160

2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

I'll be signing at the Bookstore with JR Ward and
Shiloh Walker on Sept. 9, 2006 I'm looking forward to
meeting anyone who can make it.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm running late again. *sigh* The son had to get up at five this morning to meet the bus at the school to go to the state fair. We got him to the school and he decided that since his friend wasn't there that he wasn't going either. I'm telling you, there are days... LOL
So its almost two before I'm getting started, but I'm hoping this goes fast. I know where the second half of Tanner's Scheme is going, and I think I know what the characters want, so I'm hoping to have this done before I head to bed tomorrow night. If I keep my head down and keep my focus, then theres a very good chance it will be done.
I hope you like Tanner's Scheme when it releases in mass market paperback through Berkley. I've really had a good time writing it and seeing Tanner's development. I'm back to work now. I'll post before heading to bed tonight to let you know how its gone. I'm currently at 275 pages out of a proposed 400. So lets see what I can get done today.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Well, I got a late start today. I had to do some grocery shopping and go to the post office. One of these days I'm going to live close to a big city rather than hour away from one. LOL The problem with going out to do anything as simple as getting a few grocery's means at least four hours away from the story, and then once I return, it takes several hours to get back into the zone again, and to get moving. Once I did manage to get the file pulled up and re-read what I had done last night, nearly twenty pages got the ax and I had to replace them. The twenty pages I tossed just weren't what needed to be there. Tanner's Scheme has become a very emotional book for me. Scheme is much different from what I had invisioned, and in a lot of ways, much stronger than I ever imagined. The core of steel inside her amazed me. And Tanner, playful, filled with laughter, and holding secrets I didn't anticipate. Yes, this book has been one surprise after another for me. I'm really hoping you enjoy it when it releases. While I was here, I wanted to tell you about some wonderful books I've read lately. Celeste Bradley. If you haven't picked up her historicals yet, then I encourage you to do so soon. I don't even like historicals for the most part, but these I LOVED. Shannon McKenna. Why didn't someone tell me sooner how incredibly hot and emotional her books are. I LOVE THEM. And Kresley Cole, A Hunger Like No Other. I've read it ten times already. And now I've finished my coffee and my little break. I've replaced the twenty pages I axed earlier, so its time to finish this bad boy. I'm crossing my fingers for at least fifty pages before going to bed tonight.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Well, it's nearly midnight now. I had hoped to finish 100 pages today, but I only made it to 64. But I did have company for about three and a half hours, and we had dinner, and I had to talk to the people creating the video trailer for Dangerous Games, which is going to be HOT LOL, so I'm excusing not meeting the 100 pages for the day.
But, the book is more than halfway finished. It began on August 1st and today is just the 17th, so its going really well. Hopefully, I can do the 100 pages tomorrow after I get back from the store.
Have you been wondering who the spy is in Sanctuary? I think we'll find that one out in this book. We're returning to Sanctuary in the second part of Tanner's Scheme, and we'll meet a few old favorites. Callan and Merinus, their son and perhaps even Cassie. I'd love to see Cassie again. I bet she's absolutely beautiful. Its been five years since we've seen her. She's about sixteen now, and I bet she's a handful. I wonder if she still sees her ghosts?
Well, I'm heading to bed. Hopefully, I'll have more updates tomorrow night and perhaps even a teasing or two to tempt you with.
Music for Tanner's Scheme.
Just a little off the wall information. For Tanner's Scheme, I'm listening to an AC/DC and Guns and Roses Mix. Something my husband and son had put together for driving music. See, when we're in the car going somewhere (Where we live, going to the grocery store is an hours trip) I always fall asleep. Anytime I get in a still position that I'm not reading or writing, I doze off. LOL
But when they played this CD, I would start dreaming of Tanner. So I stole it from them and put it on my IPod and this is what I've been listening to write this book. The hard beat of the songs, and the lyrics seem to make Tanner talk to me. Go figure. LMAO
Anyway, just an odd little piece of information I thought you might be interested in.
He bit her.
Scheme screeched, not so much from pain, but from the sudden overriding certainty that he had done more than mark her physically. His incisors were lodged in her flesh, his tongue flickering over her skin as his mouth sucked at it.
It hurt, but not as it should have. A sexual intensity she hadn’t expected bloomed within her as her head fell to the side and her nails bit into his wrists. It shouldn’t ride a hard edge of pleasure; it shouldn’t send ribbons of electricity to strike at her nipples, her womb, her clit.
She shouldn’t be burning for more.
“What are you doing?” He was growling behind her, his hands, her nails still digging into his wrists, moved beneath her top, slid over skin so sensitive she moaned from the touch of calloused flesh running up it, until they cupped her breasts.
Her nipples were hard, hot, pressing into his palms pleadingly as his fingers tightened on her flesh.
“Mine,” he growled again, his teeth sliding from her flesh with an erotic shift of pleasure so intense that her vagina flexed in hunger.
“Tanner,” she whimpered his name, feeling a slow pulsing burn in her shoulder as his tongue licked over the wound, heat and liquid hot sensation that began to move from the four small puncture wounds and began to weave through her body.As though some powerful narcotic had hit her bloodstream, her knees weakened and her womb clenched with a sudden hunger so intense, so driving, she gasped at the strength of it.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Welcome to my Blog. This is mostly for day to day updates on what I'm doing in regards to the books I'm writing and whats coming out soon. You'll find, hopefully, daily updates of where I'm at on which particular book and any insights I can give you into the characters I'm writing. For more interaction you can find my live forum on the Chat and Schedule link to my website, but here, you can find daily, I hope, information on what's going on and what's upcoming. And speaking of what I'm working on now. TANNER'S SCHEME. Yes, I know you've been waiting on this one for a while now. Tanner's story is halfway finished and the advanced readers are loving it so far. Tanner has thrown a few kinks into the story, but hopefully, I'm managing to keep up with him. He's definitely a different sort of Breed, and Scheme is giving that Bengal Breed a real run for his money. Writing this one is turning into an adventure and lots of fun. Im hoping to have it finished soon. I just started on it the first of this month and I'm crossing my fingers for the ending to come no longer than the end of the month. Let's see if I can stick to that. 201 pages and heading into a new chapter tonight. Cabal just showed up. This could get interesting.