Saturday, August 18, 2007

I haven't forgotten about the blog, things have just been insane.
Hidden Agenda's and Tanner's Scheme has released and the feedback on it has been great. Those of you who have emailed, I am taking notes. And I always appreciate your opinions. I'm behind on email, but its catching up. I'm behind schedule on my writing as well, but hopefully I'll be caught up there soon too.
I do have some good news. St. Martins has contracted six more books to the Tempting SEALs series. I have edits coming on Killer Secrets, my march 08 release, and the editor seems very excited over this book. I think Ian and Kira's story is the strongest of the three books, and now I'm really anticipating getting into Nathan's book. His book is the first of the new contracts and he promises to be an incredibly intense and emotional book. I've loved Nathan from the start. The idea for his story started this series, and I can't wait to get started on it.
I've also contracted two more novella's to St. Martins as well, so the next two years look exciting for my SEALs. I hope you enjoy the new stories coming, and later in the year I should have more information on the upcoming books.
Until then, in answer to many of the questions I've been getting in email.
1. Will Dragon Prime be out in print?
A. I have no idea. Ellora's Cave hasn't informed me that it's going into print, but should I hear anything I will let you know.
2. Will Soul Deep be out in print?
A. I've heard it will be, but Ellora's Cave hasn't contacted me concerning it. You can email them for more information at
3. Will Surrender from the out of print Ties That Bind, come back to print?
A. See the answers above. I've heard nothing in regards to putting this title back into print. You can email Ellora's Cave though for information.
4. Are you going to write Jonas Wyatt's book?
Most definitely. He's too strong a character to ever leave out. Once I have Dawn's Awakening which released in 08 finished and Mercury's War, also scheduled to release in 08, completed then I can look at which books come next and let you know then. Until then, I'm just working on getting the books finished and getting my schedule back on track.
5. Will Natches from the Nauti Trilogy have his book?
Oh yes, definitely. I'll be working on that one with the next few months. I expect to have it written and turned in by the end of the year.
6. Will you be finishing the Wizard Twins series.
A. Yes. You should be seeing two short stories by the end of the year at least. At least thats what I'm hoping. If it doesn't happen please don't hold it against me because I haven't managed to catch my schedule up yet.

I think thats about it for now. I'm going back to work. I'm completing the final chapters on Wicked Pleasure and working on Dawn's Awakening, hopefully I'll have these books finished by the end of the month.
Wicked Pleasure is the ninth book in the Bound Hearts series. I hope you enjoy it.
And remember, if you have any problems finding any of my previous print titles you can now find them in autographed print at



Sandra said...

Loving Tanner and Scheme at the moment. Man, are these Breeds hot and yummy. Can't wait to read about Dawn, Mercury and any others that follow. Love this series.

Just finished the lastest Legacy books, Savage Legacy and Dragon Prime. Loved both of those. Now I want to know how the other characters go about their happy ending.

Can't wait for the next Tempting SEALs, Killer Secrets. Loved Hidden Agendas. And six more following? Sweet! More books for me to enjoy.

Always enjoy reading books by you, Lora.

miz.di said...
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draconian_queen said...

Are You planning on Riley's Promise coming out into book because I know I can't wait for you to come out with more coyote breeds books?

Amy C said...

That is so good to hear about The Wizard Twins! I was wondering when there would be more!!

cindy said...

I love your stories. They catch and hold my attention. I especially liked Loving Lies and was wondering whether you were going to finish the series?

Faith said...

Do you think you could make a sequel to Forbidden Pleasures?

Rikki said...

Will you be finishing the legacies... I was so into those books.... And its still not complete .... :(... btw im a huge fan ...

Wynyfryd said...

Lora, I just wanted to drop a comment saying how much I enjoy your work. I am loving the progression of more complex plots and emotions. And please update your blog :D

Jade said...

Hi Lora,
I just read Wicked Pleasure and i have to say it was AMAZING i was just wondering if by chance there will be a novel following and picking up on Chase...i would love to hear more about his hidden demons and if he continues sharing Jaci w/ Cam!