Monday, December 03, 2007

Recommended Read from Lora Leigh!

SURE THING by Lorie O'Clare Available Now at Ellora's CaveISBN: 9781419914829 Joanie Showalter planned her very first cruise along the coast of Alaska. What she didn't plan on was taking it alone. But when her husband quickly files for divorce, and then moves in with his secretary, the last thing Joanie is going to do is let him have the cruise tickets so he can take his bimbo girlfriend.

Joanie also didn't plan on being stranded in Seward, Alaska when the tour van leaves without her. Her situation grows even worse when an old Inuit woman accuses her of intentionally wearing a sex charm and seducing her grandson. The woman yells at her in her native tongue, and its impossible for Joanie to explain that she bought the turquoise necklace on the ship. It's not magic--or is it?Corbin Silver was raised to treat women with respect. He would never openly make passes at a lady simply because she's distractingly beautiful. But it's not every day a gorgeous woman is stranded in his home town, and believes the necklace she has will make him lust after her. This is too good of an opportunity to pass up. After all, everyone is just waiting for them to strip naked publicly and have sex. He is a gentleman though, and Joanie is stuck without her credit cards or luggage. It's only good manners to insist on putting her up at his place while she's here. He plans on taking advantage of this silly superstition and sexually teasing and torturing her in every room of his home. After a few days though, he knows magic or not, he doesn't want Joanie to leave. More so, Joanie is struggling with the same attraction. Maybe magic brought them together, but if it's true love, there is nothing stronger to keep them together.

EXCERPT: Feeling sorry for herself really pissed her off. Talk about frustrating. Either she could be mad that she'd believed she had what it took to impress that many men or she could be angry at the old woman for ruining her good time by informing her the necklace she wore was a sex charm. Or she could let some tiny piece of jewelry control her. "I'm not going to rely on some hexed piece of jewelry to provide me with entertainment," she grumbled and raised her hand to throw the damned thing away. "Ouch," she shrieked when she hit what seemed like a steel wall. Backing up quickly, she reared into the door to the café. "Why did you hit me?" A tall--very tall--dark man glared down at her. Joanie looked up at a very broad chest. She looked up further past the tuft of black hair that curled over the top of his shirt. Leaning her head back, she stared into compelling green eyes that almost glowed against a dark complexion. Eyes a woman could drown in. The ground shifted underneath her. "I'm...I'm sorry." Her mouth went dry and she realized it was because her jaw had dropped open. She shut it quickly. "I didn't see you." He raised an eyebrow. Joanie couldn't create more space between them with the door pressing against her back. So she stepped to the side and almost tripped over her shoes. Grabbing the edge of a trashcan that sat to the side of the door, she balanced herself. Then let go of the trash receptacle quickly and rubbed her hands on her jeans. "I'm usually hard to miss." The man cocked his head at her, probably trying to determine if she had all of her oars in the water. "Are you lost?" "No," she said quickly. "I was trying to…" She looked at the necklace balled in her hand. "I mean, I wanted to throw this thing…" Once again she strained her neck to stare up at the giant in front of her. He had the longest eyelashes she'd ever seen on a man. They were shiny black, just like his hair, which was pulled away from his face. His shoulders were so broad and he was so tall that he filled her vision. How could she not notice him before hitting him in the chest? His gaze dropped to her hand. She straightened her fingers, holding the tangled necklace up for him to see, as if that would explain her actions. She was making even a bigger fool of herself. And in front of the most beautiful man she'd ever laid eyes on. He had to stand a good six-and-a-half-feet tall. He wasn't bulky though. He'd been right in front of her before she'd even noticed him. There was a strong silence about him, like a large, deadly predator capable of snagging prey before it even knew it was hunted. Joanie let her attention return to his broad chest, thick arms and unreadable expression. He had a long, straight nose, high, broad cheekbones and a strong, firm jaw. This man was king of his world. She'd almost guarantee it. Thick, straight black hair was pulled back from his face, bound behind him so she couldn't tell how long it was with him facing her. Not that she could see over his shoulders anyway. They were broad, like a linebacker, but he wasn't heavy--far from it. Her knuckles still tingled from accidentally punching all that hard, solid muscle. "Is there some custom in the lower forty eight where you throw necklaces that I don't know about?" If he was amused, there was no way of telling by the stone expression he gave her. "Of course not. The old woman inside told me..." For some reason she couldn't form the words love or sex in front of this man. Heat burned her cheeks, swelled inside her, then tumbled down her insides until it pooled between her legs. She nibbled her lip, looking down at the necklace. Maybe taking it off caused a reverse affect. Possibly it now worked its magic on her, turning her into a babbling idiot in front of the most gorgeous man possibly in all of Alaska. Hell, maybe he wasn't even good-looking. After all, hadn't men told her for the past few days she was the best thing they'd seen in ages? The necklace had tricked them. Now it would make a fool out of her. "Anyway, I got all mad and just wanted to throw it away." She continued chewing on her lip, realizing she wasn't making any sense. The large man nodded, his expression still sober although she swore his black eyes suddenly sparkled like rare jewels. "Grandmother's bark is worse than her bite. She wouldn't want you harboring hostility. Best to resolve this now." With that he put a strong hand on her shoulder. His touch scorched her skin through her sweater as he turned her around and guided her back into the café.

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