Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Personal Message to All Of My Readers

I know many of you have wondered where I have been lately. I haven't been up to making this announcement before now, but the time has come with RAW right around the corner. And I wanted all of you to hear this from me.

I have separated and I am filing for divorce from Tony. I don't want to go into details but I will say things are not amicable and the last few months have been some of the hardest of my life.

I ask for your understanding. I'm sorry I've been absent on line and late in answering e-mails. I also ask for your continued patience. It is going to be a long, trying time as I put my life back together and catch up with my deadlines.

Please know that I love and cherish all of my readers. Writing for you is all that has kept me sane over these past few months. Thanks for being so supportive over the years. I look forward to seeing many of you at RAW and writing many more stories for you in the future.



Amy said...

Lora - I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Time heals all. Hang in there!


Dee Ann W. said...

I'm sorry to hear that! My prayers are with you at this difficult time. I am an avid reader and a big fan. When I grow up--I want to write just like you! (Or somewhere near your level).

Take care.

Dee Ann

Dee said...

I understand the heartache that you have been going through and will continue to go through for quite awhile . Wake up each morning and tell yourelf that you are a good person and your life has merit and as you get ready for bed each night think of something even the smallest thing to do for yourself even it's as simple as a hot bubble bath and look back on your day to see that you have taken care of yourself and that nothing you did that day hurt anyone else. Wishing that you can again find YOUR bliss.

Tabitha said...

My thoughts are with you. Take time to pamper yourself. It takes time to heal but remember you have all of your fans here to support you.

mcfic said...

Lora - Thank you for sharing your difficult news with us. You are a wonderful writer, and the world is a better place because of you! Hopefully time will heal your heartache. In the meantime, you have your loyal readers to keep you on track. Hugs.

VampFanGirl said...

Lora, I will keep you in my thoughts during what must be a very difficult and sad time for you.

(hope this will make you smile) I'm currently reading 'Wild Card' and loving every single minute of it! You're seriously rocking my world with this one! ((((HUGS))))

Gwen Wells said...

All my good wishes and prayers for as smooth an outcome as is possible during this period, Lora.

Having been there myself, all I can say is there is an end to all the acrimony and heartache. Light at the end of the tunnel, and all that. It doesn't feel like that now, but it all does eventually smooth out and life does eventually return. Different, but life nevertheless.

Unknown said...

Keep believing in Happy Endings.

Anne Rainey said...

Lora--I'm sorry to hear this. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Just so you know, I've only recently discovered your books and I've been making my way through your backlist. I'm in love with your writing style and I've been hoping to interview you for a blog I participate on: However, I totally understand if that's not a possibility right now though! I just wish you all the best and hope things get resolved quickly! :)


Ruby Jo said...

I'm so sorry you have to go through all this! I keep you in my thoughts.


rin said...

Dear Lora -
I am so very sorry that you are having to through such a heartwrenching event. I know no words can make the pain go away, but it has to be said that you have one of the most caring and honest spirits out there. Don't let this crush that spirit or change the inner core of who you are. Please take care of yourself and put your own happiness first right now. While I love your writing, let yourself heal and write at your own pace and when you feel ok. You have millions of fans here to support you and lend you strength if you need a shoulder to lean on. You are in my prayers.

kj said...

Ms. Leigh... I'm sorry you are facing such sad times... There really aren't words to comfort someone that's in the middle of such crisis... so I'll just wish you peace.

Unknown said...

Dearest Lora.
There is always something to learn... even in the darkest hours. There is always hope. I am 100% positive that You will be over this difficult time soon - stronger and happier than ever. Your truly Brazilian fan, Raquel

Stephanie said...

I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts.

sue said...

Lora, just remember your diffanetly not alone. There are a butt load of us out here with you in our thoughts and in our prayers. You add something precious to our lives and hopefully we can repay you. My last thought? Kick his ass.

Nancy Bristow said...

Lora...Sh*t happens. You know the old saying that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Believe it.

Although I haven't written in the past, I've been a long time fan of your work. All that I've ever heard and read about you is that besides being a beloved author, you are also loved and revered as a person. Most recently from a friend of mine (Claudia Pemberton)whom you so generously invited to join the RAW event. She was beyond thrilled and told me how absolutely wonderful you were to her...particularly because she's a new author.

Anytime you name comes up when I happen to be corresponding with other authors, they say only the nicest things about you. So, in essence you're pretty much in Goddess territory...awesome author AND awesome person. Not a bad place to be:)

I understand and don't doubt that the majority of your readers do as well, that you'll need some time to get your feet under you. I say do what you need to do, we'll still be here. I would add that you might want to think about the killer writing schedule you're currently maintaining...actually one that I can't even begin to get my head around...and ask yourself if it's really in your best interest. As an avid fan, you won't lose me with fewer books per year and I guess what I'm saying is that I'd hate for you burn out. It's tough for all of us to balance a personal and professional life but a benefit if we can manage to do so.

There is life beyond divorce so keep your head up, stay strong and take it a day at a time. You've said that you love and cherish your readers and the feeling is mutual. Take care of yourself for you and us...Nancy

michelle said...

...take care of yourself and soon life will return to an even your writing... a texas fan

JerseyNanny said...

Men suck. They are way better between the sheets...of paper! :-D Here's hoping you have a friend who makes a fabulous margarita!

charleneteglia said...

Lora, I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through. Take care of yourself.

Toni said...

Dear Laura,

Don't worry about us (fan) because I know you need to have some needed R&R. And when you know that you're back in full force, then you can write your heart out. We can wait. Please take care and know we all hope for the very best for you.


karen said...

I thought to begin, dear friend, but since you don't know me from Adam's housecat...I'll go with door greeting #2.
Dearest fellow divorce sufferer.'s trite. I'm not the imaginative one here.
I am, very sorry to hear of your troubles. Divorce is one of the most grueling, agonizing tortures known to women. The person you loved & thought loved you, has taken the proceedings from "amicable" to vicious in nothing flat. Who could have guessed that along with the hostilities would come self-doubt, recriminations, fear & loathing. I'd like to reassure you, & say that it won't always be that way. But even after 13+ years since my papers were final, I still can't walk into a room with my ex and not want to kick his shins like an angry 2 yr. old. The best advice I received during my own ordeal was, Keep your girlfriends close & your laughter closer! The girls don't mind the 3 a.m. bawling-on-the-phone sessions or the man bashing.
I've enjoyed your writings for many years. Maybe this thought will help some, your talent will see you though everything. And your adoring fans will ALWAYS appreciate all you do. Good luck to you & know that you have another person hoping & praying for your sanity.

Patricia B Calhoun said...

Lora-I am sorry to hear about your marriage. My prayers are with you and your family as you face and move forward through this difficult time. Keep you head up and remember your fans (me at the top) love you and your wonderful gift of creating characters that knocks our socks off!

Jeanne said...

It is alway so hard when you rip apart a family, a life, and dreams. But know this is only a temporay thing, soon very soon things will change. The morning will come when you know longer look back at what was lost but will only look forward to what is going on in your life.

I enjoy your books so much and just know that any woman who can write the stories you do will get past this.

Know my prayers and thoughts are with you.

Lynn said...

Lora- I am so sorry to hear about your breakup. This seems to be a year for that. Did the same thing myself after 22 yrs. of marriage. Now, I am finally happy alone with my dogs and my books.


Unknown said...

I know that a million fans cannot take the place of your immediate loved ones. I've followed your books from day one when I first stumbled across the breeds on EC. I anxiously await your books. Having deadlines to meet must be rough on your personal life but it's good to know that you at least have an outlet for all of this you must be going through. I am so happy to see your success and sad to hear you are going through this but know we love you will keep you in our prayers. Always a fan...Tiffany

Unknown said...

I am so sorry to hear about the trouble in your life right now . My thoughts and prayers are with you. And may you find the peace and happiness you seek. You are an awesome person Hang in there Leslie
Ps I love all of your books Keep up the good work!

Laura said...


My divorce was final in May so I can relate to some of the feelings you are working through. Please remember to do nice things for yourself - a bubble bath, champaign for no reason, an erotic romance...
You're books have been the perfect escape when I needed one. Thank you. Remember that we red-heads are strong and we DO overcome.


Laura said...

I understand some of the feelings you are working through; my divorce was final in May. It isn't easy, but change is not always a bad thing.
Intentionally be good to yourself... a bubble bath, champaigne for no reason, an erotic romance. You're books have provided the perfect escape for me when I needed one. You've got style!
Remember that we red-heads are strong and we DO overcome!


amina said...

I am sorry. I do hope there is hope that you will get back together. There is so much fire and passion in your writings and I had assumed all this passion was coming from your love for your husband. I hope to see you two back together just the way you put your characters together- in the end of all that pain is exquisite joy. I am an avid fan, I cannot wait for the next book on the breed series! Take care! If yoy love him you will need to fight for him.!

Laura said...

Although this is a difficult time and your feelings coast from high to low quicker than a roller coaster, comfort yourself with knowing that change brings growth.

My divorce was final in May this year and I understand how unsettling the changes in your life are feeling.

Remember to do things just for the joy of it - a bubble bath, champaigne for no reason, or Godiva chocolate. Your books have been the perfect escape for me in the last ten months and I think I'm addicted. Thank you.

We red-heads are strong women and we DO overcome!


Bella G. said...

Lora-I can honestly say that divorce is the worst thing. I am so sorry you are facing this. You are in my prayers. Take care of yourself and children. I want you to know that your books were a welcome escape during my divorce. Just keep getting up and doing what you have to and each day it will get better. Let us know me know if you need anything talk, vent or whatever you need. God Bless you and your family.

Julie said...

Dear Lora,
So sorry to hear about it, and thanks for sharing your personal news. I've just only discovered a few of your SEAL books, and am already hooked on them. First time accessing your site and blog. All the best, and warm wishes from Singapore. Take care, julie

Michele said...


I'm so sorry that you have to go through such a horrific experience. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I've emailed you a couple of times re how wonderful your books are or with a question about future books and you've always been so kind as to respond. I don't mean to sound trite but am a firm believer in the saying that "everything happens for a reason". The pain may not make sense right now but there will be a reason for it in the end. I truly hope you eventually get YOUR H.E.A.!!

Many Blessings,

Unknown said...

I know I'm very late to the table; my only excuse is that it's taken awhile to weed through my gargantuan sized TBR pile, thereby making me a (relatively) new reader. Please accept my condolences and know that my thoughts are with you during this very difficult time. I hope you are taking good care of yourself. *Hugs*

Tasha said...

Lora - Only a strong woman could write like you do with such strength and power. No matter what hold on to that strength deep within you. There is a light at the end of this tunnel, just keep moving forward and towards it.

I'm sending lots of postitive thoughts your way.


BetsStanford said...

Know that you are so very special to your readers and fans.

We're keeping you in our thoughts!

(((HUGS))) and to a new and brighter day ahead!!!


sheryl said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.


Angel said...

Lora- Trust in the LORD with all your heart lean not on your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight. Trust him to lead you on this new path that life has taken you and all will be well.

I have been a huge fan of yours for years. May the Lord continue to Bless you and your son on the new journey .


Lunechilde said...

Well. I like the margarita comment the best. Make it top shelf and add a splash of sprite.

Just thought you'd like to know:

1. liquid sweet n low in the gas tank slowly reverts back to formaldehyde each time you crank the engine. why diet sodas should never be left in the heat, especially in hot desert countries.

anyway. add a couple bottles (just in case) if they have a 'favorite' car. they will spend alot of money fixing it, one piece at a time, but it is irreparable. it is undiagnosable. they'll just keep fixing it, one dollar at a time, like a crack junkie, until it finally dies.

sports cars and muscle cars are the best. Men never want to let go of their pussy magnets.

2. if they think your having a good time and that you can't be bothered to be upset, or if you seem to be happy and positive things are occuring for you without them, that your life is great it will eat them up.

Not to say male egos feed on the pathetic and emotionally defenseless, but when the cleets fit ...

(success is ALWAYS the best revenge.)

3. women get their hearts broke constantly, and were supposed to be okay with that.

if a man waits until his middle twenties to 'open himself up' and suffer his first heartbreak, he is bitter forever and never gets over it.

he will bitch and moan his WHOLE LIFE about that one instance. he doesn't remember the trail of broken hearts he probably left behind. all he cares about is what was done to him ONCE.

men who suffer heartbreak young seem to get over it better, and go on to find more love elsewhere, and typically treat their women better.

i've never understood why it was fine that a womans heart gets trampled on while men claw their way to being APEX STUD.

those guys are usually whiners when the chips are finally down.

4. I don't know your situation, but a nice trip to someplace where you can have clean air, nature, and sunshine usually helps.

i also hear the ratio of men to women in alaska during the summer months is 30 to 1...

Lunechilde said...

CORRECTION: not sweet n low. i used the term sweet n low as a generic comment. my bad.

has to be liquid nutrasweet, stuff used in sodas. heat up nutrasweet, it reverts back to formaldehyde.

take heart ladies. diet rite is made with splenda, which is derived from sugar. great flavors to.

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry to hear that! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Just remember that you are strong even when at times things are impossible to get through. Your fans will always be here for you!!

With love,
Amber S.

Anonymous said...

I just became a huge fan of Lora Leigh, gobbling up her books like crazy. I truly adore this writer and am very very sorry for reading his announcement. It was written almost a year ago so hopefully, all is wonderful with her life now.

Patti said...

Q. Why is divorce so expensive?

A. Cause it's worth it!