Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Meeting at the Pullman Plaza in Huntington, W.Va.

April 15th, Thursday, between six and seven or eight, I will be in the lobby of the Pullman Plaza Hotel to talk to anyone who wants to stop by and talk books.

Lora Leigh


Kris Taylor said...

I have just finished reading Lion's Heat and it was great. I enjoy reading your books and cannot wait until the new ones are released. I have even gotten the girls at worked hooked on reading them. They are starting to look just for your books and buy them and read them.

Jeni said...

I know what Kris means i work at a hospital and I've got a few hooked on all of Lora's books especially the Breeds. The Bound Hearts Series is great and I love the elite ops and tempting seals series as well, who am i kidding all of her books are GREAT. Just a hint amazon has all available even the older harder to find ones. Good luck and happy reading.

Unknown said...

im a biig lora leigh fan,love all your books, when will you tell cassies storey,cant wait till you do, you a great storey teller.u rock, much love & respect