Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Yahoo hates me. I've decided this. Everytime I try to post, I bounce. As long as I don't try to post, I get about half the mail, but the first post I send in, watch out. *sigh*
This makes it hard to chat and it makes it hard to get information out.

Information such as

WICKED SACRIFICE books IV and V of the Bound Hearts, Wicked Intent and Sacrifice can be found in the two book volume, Wicked Sacrifice at for pre-order.
Shipping estimate is Dec. 1, 2006.

Bound Hearts - Wicked Intent By Lora LeighControl has meant everything to Tally Raines. Control of the office she ran as Jesse Wyman's secretary, and now control of Lucian Conover's office as well. But Lucian isn't content to be controlled by his fiery secretary. As a matter of fact, Lucian thinks she needs to loosen up and let the sexy, sensual woman hiding beneath her cool exterior free. And he will dare her to do just that… With a little help.

Bound Hearts - Sacrifice By Lora LeighBook five of the Bound Hearts series
Kimberly has run from Jared for a year now, sensing the weakness he could be to her future. But she never expected the sacrifice he would make for her. One that will rock her soul, and destroy the very foundations of all her beliefs.Her sexuality, her heart, and all she's fought for in the last six years will be tested when an assignment takes her to Jared's farm, and into his bed. There she will learn the true meaning of hunger, of love…as well as the deception and the lies that have governed her life for so long. Anything worth having is worth sacrificing for. Kimberly is about to find out if she can pay the price, and risk not only the inheritance that should be hers, but also her heart to the one man who can still the fires that rage in her soul.

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