Saturday, February 17, 2007

# 34 NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER LIST for Dangerous Games.

Thank you, the readers. Without the joy you find in my books, this dream that has followed me since I attempted to write my first book, so many years ago, has come true. I'm still floating on air. Tony said he's going to have to start peeling me off the ceiling soon. For the moment, he's content to leave me floating though. LOL

I'm floating, but my computer is with me. I'm currently working on incorporating copy edits of Forbidden Pleasure into my file this weekend, and Monday I start completing Nauti Nights.

Oh, the cover to that one rocks.

But, coming first is Naut Boy

Nauti Boy
A Berkley HEAT Trade release March 6. 2007
ISBN: 0425214133
Pre-Order from Amazon

They're the Men of Augusts Kentucky cousins, and they know how to heat up the night, and the nauti-est imaginations.

Rowdy Mackay has waited years for Kelly to grow up, to be mature enough to accept the sexual games he and his cousins have enjoyed for years.
Now, fresh from the Marines, Rowdy is home, only to learn that a stalker and a vicious attack now threaten the woman he's loved for years. But has something changed within Rowdy as well? As he fights the madman intent on destroying his woman, Rowdy learns that perhaps its not the games he needs so much as the woman. A woman to tame Lake Cumberlands naughtiest Nauti Boy.

This was originally an e-book release from Samhain Publishing The new version has been expanded with more suspense added and additional heat. Parts of the plot have been revised, but the Nauti cousins are still cousins to the Men of August and their still hotter than hell, or so my advanced readers and my editor claimes. LOL
Get ready to heat up that unpredictable March wether with one of Lake Cumberlands hottest and Nauti-est bad boys, Rowdy Mackay.

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