Monday, August 23, 2010

The Lora Leigh Romance Book Discussion Group Hosted by Lora Leigh Will be on Saturday, August 28th from 3-5pm. We will be meeting at the Homewood Suites in Hagerstown, MD.
We will be discussing "Bonds of Justice" by Nalini Singh as well as a variety of other subjects, authors, and books.

Please RSVP by August 24th to so we have an accurate count of arrivals for snacks, drinks etc


Mary Frazier said...

Hey Lora,
I was just wondering, Are you going to write a sequel to Dragon Prime, Please let me know because i really love that book. Thank You

Mary Frazier

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori, Just read Nauti Wet and Wild and loved it so much I read it twice. Then I just bought Nauti Nights book 2, Nauti Dreams Book 3 and Nauti Boy. I also have Wild card and I thought this was book 1, help! I need to know in what order to read if I need too.
I which I could express what your books have done for my marriage and empty nest syndrom. LOL
Thanks Lori from a big fan Lisa Knoxville by way of New Orleans.

Unknown said...

Bonds of Justice is certainly readable. Intrigue, danger, passion and fill the pages, it is tempting, forcing you, read on till late night.
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Mrs. Anderson said...

Lora, I just wanted to say that I am SO excited about Styx's Storm coming out TOMORROW!!! My husband keeps telling me to remember *not* to pee my pants when I get my hands on a copy of it. LOL
Wishing you all the best!! :D

Unknown said...

Hi Lora
The past weekend started with Styxx's Storm which has me salivating for Cassie's book lol. I just finished Renegade today Nik is absolutely loveable I must admit I'm at a loss for what to do until Live wire and Navarro's promise . Keep up the good work.

Angela Matavela

Unknown said...

hey lora, you really know how to bring your storey to life , you are one of the best writer i know. when are you going to write cassies storey, i know in not the only one who wants to know, love your breed sereis, & all your books.u rock lora. much love & respect

Scooter said...

I have read most of your books & they always bring me such... pleasure! ;) Sometimes the hubby gets jealous. I appreciate & admire your work. I can barely live through the suspense until I get my naughty little hands on the next Lora Leigh book!

Thanks for all that you do, for us married women looking for a little more, or us single girls ready for a steamy night in!


Unknown said...

I am disturbed by your advocating anal and vaginal sex at the same time. Women should be aware that if they do this they or likely to get urinary and yeast infections. The anus is the source of both.

bev said...

OMG LORA you are AMAZING!! me and my best friend share our books but kindle wont let me loan you!!! could you talk to your publisher because we decided to split up the breeds: she would pay for wolf or coyote breeds and i would pay for the feline breeds.... i will eventually be buying the whole collection but it just works out better this way! now i cant share your love and im starved!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ENABLE KINDLE LOANS!!! please! PS did i say that i love you :)

J A CHRIS said...

Hi Lora, just a quick question I was wondering when are you going to come out with a story with Cassandra Sinclair and the mistery man that jump through her window at the hospital. I really looking forward to that book please it's them to give Cassander her own story.


Unknown said...

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