Monday, June 27, 2011

How do you win Lora Leigh's personal Lawe's Justice Journal, hand written daily detailing the information going into the Breed title Lawe's Justice? This journal includes spoilers to upcoming books, detailed character information within the breed world, almost daily entries detailing the trials, tribulations, joys and pleasures in writing one of Lora's favored characters. Along with winning this one of a kind, never to be duplicated leather journal, you can also win three days, three nights paid room and registration to RAW 2011. Lora's Auction ends on July 1, 2011.

Join the LA Banks charity auction drive.


Savannah Chase said...

This is such a great cause...I love how we in the romance community join to help when someone needs it...

Mel from Texas said...

Hi Lora! I'm a huge fan and I especially love your Elite Ops series! The first book I read written by you was Wild Card and I was hooked. I've read all the books in this series, more than once. I'm on to the Breed series now! Your books are great! Thanks!

Mel from Texas said...
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andrea said...

hi Lora my nane is andrea.

i´m from argentina and i´m juts in love of yours book. the firt one was Tempting the Beast and I could not stop... in my country your books are difficult to find.

I read it in inglish and i wait until they are traslated into spanish and i read it over and over again

i really can´t wait for cassie books

I hope you keep writing because I love your books


andrea from argentina

cherry blossom girl said...

i love your books especially the BREEDS, naughty boys, elite ops and the Seals ooooh yes and THE ONE(I was actually screaming at that point for another book like this bcos it was fantastic)!!

Who won the Lawes Journal competition?

can you upload pics of it and please tell us who is DANE and CASSIES and ashleys MATE are or when to expect there books?!!!!! PRETTY PLEASE

my favourite books are: coyotes mate, dawns awakening and so to say all the books in the series listed above.

Carrie said...

I love all your books. The Elite OPs and Breeds are my favorites. I really enjoyed Lawe's Justice. It had depth and intenseness within the plot and character interactions. I couldn't put it down. I am confused about one thing though. Why did you change Rachel and Amber's entire appearances in Lawe's Justice? They were both cemented in readers' minds as delicate red-heads withinner strength. This made them unique and endearing. Changing it messed with my connection to the continuity that you wind like a master through each novel. Also, frankly as a red-head, I was kind of insulted that their original appearance no longer seemed good enough to represent such vital characters as Rachel and Amber, as the series continues. Why was this change necessary?

saharaoz said...

I am writing as I am very upset.
I entered the LA banks auction last June / July 2011.
I won and paid $680 for the RAw eekend and the journal of your lastets breeds book.
I have been in contact with someone called JO Carol Jones.
She said as I could not attent RAW as my sister in law became desperately ill and Jo said she would send a gift bag of the goodies from the weekend, and also the journal never arrived. Part of the fun was in reicieving it (as priomised in the auction) prior to the release date. By now that has been and gone. $700 is alot of money for me. I had always been a fan and thought this was an awesome aopportunity. Now I feel maybe someone saw an opportunity in me. I am recieving no notice as to where these items are and I think I have been extremely patien t and have been trying to work it out with your assidtance Jo. I can no longer continue to do that. Please help me. God, I feeling like why ever try and help out a cause ever again

Colette Montgomery

Covnitkepr1 said...

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andersond said...

Lori I am a great fan of your breed series and I had a question. Are any of the breeds african american?

andersond said...

Lori I am a great fan of your breed series and I had a question. Are any of the breeds african american?

Unknown said...

I love your nauti boys books. It was the very first book that I have read of your books thanks to a very good friend of mine and my brothers girlfriend