Monday, October 16, 2006

Forbidden Pleasure

Its begun. The first book to St. Martins in the continuation of the Bound Hearts series, Forbidden Pleasure.
What would you do if you suddenly learned your husband of three years was hiding parts of his sexuality. That the hunger you feel just under the surface, is more than just a forceful, lusty dominance. That he fantasized about sharing you with his best friend. That he fantasied so much about it, that the tension was now beginning to fray his precious self control?
Keiley McCoy is about to learn things about her husband, Mac that she never imagined. Things such as a habit he had for sharing his lovers with his best friend Jethro Riggs. Things such as his membership in an exclusive men's club created as a support group for men who crave sharing their women. Things that could destroy their marriage.
I've been excited to get started on this book. The Bound Hearts are always a challenge but this one especially raised such interesting questions for me regarding the characters that I've really been excited about it.
I hope you like it. I have to have it completed by the first of November, and so far, it's flowing very well.
As soon as I see that the plot is progressing and that there aren't going to be any restarts on it, then I'll see about sending an excerpt here.
And don't forget, Harmony's Way, the sequel to Megan's Mark releases December 5, 2006. You met Lance Jacobs in Megan's Mark, the sheriff of Broken Butte. He returns in Harmony's Way as the hero, and boy does he have some surprises for his Breed mate, Harmony Lancaster. But, she has some surprises for him as well.
Join me in the next book in the world of the Breeds. I hope you enjoy it.
Thank you for checking back with me on upcoming stories. I am trying to get in here and keep you updated on everything coming through. Until next time, I'm wishing you lots of coffee and plenty of good books to keep you warm during these cool fall nights.

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