Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Im late! I know. I've been completely overwhelmed. No sooner than I finished Hidden Agendas I had to go back and revise it. That book has caused me to lose hair. *pout* Kell was mean to me.
And because of Kell, I've neglected the Blog. But I am back again. And as an abject apology, there will be an excerpt of Harmony's Way posted below.
Don't forget the booksigning in Lexington Kentucky this week at Jo-Beth's Books with the KYRWA writers. We'll be there from 2:00 to 4:00 pm signing books. Its going to be a really fun event.
And remember the Kingsport Women's Expo the weekend of the 21st. I'll be there with Mary Wine and several other wonderful authors. Its an event you don't want to miss.
So, what am I working on now?
Many of you will be very pleased. I've begun work on the eighth Bound Hearts title, Forbidden Pleasure.
FORBIDDEN PLEASURE is the first of three Bound Hearts books that St. Martins Press acquired, but it begins with three new characters. The second and third books you will meet some older characters, especially Khalid from Shameless. I've already managed two chapters on FORBIDDEN PLEASURE and I'm really excited about the story unfolding. I hope you enjoy it. It will be a much longer and hopefully more intense story to add to the Bound Hearts collection.
And with that note, shall I give you an excerpt?

Harmony's Way
A Berkley Sensation Release
You can pre-order this title at
The next book in the Breed series.

Lance replaced the decrepit Raider with his own the next evening. Unfortunately, he came with it. To add insult to injury, he changed the schedule as well.
“If I’m going to stay up all damned night long, then I might as well be working,” he had snapped that morning when he informed her of the change.
As the call came in on a disturbance and fight at one of the more popular bars, she almost rubbed her hands in glee. She sat forward, straining against the seat belt as Lance raced toward the establishment.
She hadn’t had a good fight in months. Unfortunately, as the adrenaline began to race through her veins, the heat building in her body increased. The arousal was almost a narcotic in her blood as her skin sensitized and her nerve endings began to throb.
She was throwing the seat belt and jerking the door to the Raider open before the Raider had come to a complete stop. Ignoring Lance as he called out her name, she headed for the bar and the fight inside.
“Oh no you don’t.” He caught her arm, pulling her to a surprised stop as she stared up at him in shock.
“Take their statements!” He had pointed imperiously toward the small crowd outside. “Now.”
“But the fight...” Oh God, she really needed to expend energy. She could feel the need cramping her stomach, building in her veins.
“Statements,” he had snarled, the look in his eyes causing her to hesitate. “Now.”
She snarled furiously, flashing her canines as the sound rumbled from her throat. Gripping her hand he slapped his notebook into it.
“Now.” That tone was primal, such a completely alpha sound that she was taken aback for a moment. “Right now.”
She took the statements, fuming at the injustice of it as he and the other deputies began clearing the bar.
“That was so not fair,” she snapped as he strode from the bar an hour later, a bruise forming at his temple as he dragged a raw-boned cowboy by his shirt collar to a waiting patrol car. “I could have helped.”
He grunted rudely.
“You wouldn’t have a black eye if you had let me help,” she retorted, her fist clenched around his mangled notebook. “I can’t believe you did this.”
She couldn’t believe she had blindly obeyed him like some submissive wimp that didn’t know how to fight back. She had never ever obeyed a man in her life. Why the hell was she starting now?
“Your attitude is starting to severely suck, Sheriff,” she informed him, trying not to look too deeply into the fact that she figuratively tucked her tail and obeyed.
“Did you get those statements?”
“Every last one,” she responded with false sweetness, glaring back at him as he met her gaze without the first sign of apology. “You should have let me in there.”
“Why?” he barked as he turned and led the way to the Raider. “So you could expend some of that energy raging through your body? I don’t think so. Get in the Raider.”
He jerked her door open as she stalked past him.
“That is just the most idiotic thing I’ve heard come out of your mouth,” she snapped after he had slammed her door closed and strode around to his own side. “I’m not a pet you can place in the corner and tell to sit.”

“That’s a dog.” He twisted the key in the ignition before pushing the Raider into gear. “Everyone knows cats don’t train worth shit.”

Harmony's Way
Releasing December 6, 2006

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