Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Did I find a desk? No.
Have you ever gone looking for a desk on New Years weekend?
Don't. Major mistake. But, I did get my office all moved, all my books unpacked and new office nicely organized and looking pretty. I'm very happy.
And I accomplished the revisions of Forbidden Pleasure, the eight Bound Hearts books, the first though from St. Martins. Forbidden Pleasures releases in May and is currently on pre-order at Amazon.com.
I've taken this one from a bit of a different stand point. It's full length rather than a novella, so I added the suspense of my F.B.I. hero and a case that has followed him from Virginia to North Carolina where he moved with his new wife three years before because of the temptation the Club represented to his new marriage. His wife had no idea how enmeshed he was in the menage lifestyle of the club and he feared risking the life he wanted with her.
John 'Mac' McCoy and his wife Keiley have settled nicely into marriage, but there's a frustration, a shadow on their marriage that is never spoken of, until now. When Keiley begins to wonder if her husband is missing what he had before their marriage.
Forbidden Pleasure is the first of three Bound Hearts contracted for St. Martins. I hope you enjoy it.
And now, my next project is revisions on the next Navy SEAL suspense novel, also for St. Martins. I begin that tomorrow. The revisions are pretty extensive and I have two weeks to complete them. Wish me luck. I'm going to need it to keep this schedule.
And be watching. SOON. SOON. February 6, 2006 the release of DANGEROUS GAMES from St. Martins, the first full length Navy SEAL novel. I'm really excited about the release of this book. Clint is one of the hardest heroes in some ways, that I've written.
Releasing with it is the novella For Maggies Sake in the anthology REAL MEN DO IT BETTER. For Maggies Sake is the third installment in the SEALs book, taken from a minor character from DANGEROUS GAMES. Joe Merino. I hope you enjoy them.
And now, back to the computer and the voices in my head. Let's hope they talk loud enough to finish these revisions on time. LOL

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