Friday, September 22, 2006


FINALLY. I'm putting THE END on Hidden Agenda's sometime tonight I would expect. I have the last scene to write and then a little tweak here and then and its off.
*big sigh* This has been one of my harder books to write. I started it last May, went through about 40 different versions, and NO I am not joking over that.
The problem was, the title. Sometimes the idea in my head just doesn't suit a title, and once I realized what the problem was I was already more than 20 attempts into the book and I decided I was going to do this, with this title, one way or the other. Yeah, sometimes I'll cut my own nose to spite my face. LOL
I started this version, totally new version by the way, two days after Tanner's Scheme completed. I'd have to check dates on that, but maybe its been a month. Once I figured out how to twist the title, it got easier.
The challenges I'm facing in writing for Berkley and St. Martins have been exilerating. (Did I spell that right? LOL) I love it.
And I hope you enjoy Hidden Agenda's when it releases. Its the fourth book in the SEALs and OHHH do I have ideas on where to go when I finish the final two books. I'm jumping up and down I'm so excited over it.
Next up, after I finish this one, is the first St. Martins single title Bound Hearts. I've been itching to start this book as I've found a new perspective step into. The heroes and heroine have really been pushing at me to get this started. I'll have more information for you once its started.
Until then, be watching the blog, as soon as Hidden Agenda's completes I'll be posting an excerpt.
And don't forget to read Reno's Chance in the Honk If You Love Real Men anthology, now available through or And coming in February is the second book, a single title Dangerous Games. Also in February is the third book in the series with a secondary character as the hero in the Real Men Do It Better Anthology, For Maggies Sake. FMS continues the SEALs fight against the Villian that you meet in Dangerous Games.
Thank you all for your support, your emails, and for putting up with me being absent from the loops etc. The schedule I'm on from this point to the end of the year will be even tougher, but your encouragement keeps me going. And most especially, thank you so much for enjoying my books so far.

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