Monday, September 18, 2006

I was sent a very interesting article, one I thought many of you might be interested in as well as readers on the erotica/erotic romance lines to be found on the shelves now.

The site allows you to comment as well and voice your opinions, which is always a good thing. I liked it, so thought you might as well.

And now I'm back to Hidden Agendas. FINALLY I think I have this book figured out. I'm on page 230, which is almost halfway and I'm now working hard to complete it. This is the fourth SEAL book.
The first being Reno's Chance in the Honk If You Love Real Men anthology, the second a single title from St. Martins, Dangerous Games, which is one of my HOTTEST books yet I think, and the third being the novella For Maggies Sake in the Real Men Do It Better anthology due out with Dangerous Games in Feb. 07

And now, back to work for me. I hope you are all finding wonderful books to read and lots of friends to share them with.

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