Sunday, September 10, 2006

Good Morning.
I want to thank everyone who attended the booksigning at Radcliff Kentucky yesterday, and I want to especially thank J.R. Ward for inviting me along. We had a wonderful time. J.R. is so sweet and as always, so funny, with the ability to make everyone feel welcome and well loved. She's not just a wonderful writer, but a truly wonderful person. Be watching the website for new of our return to The Bookstore in Radcliff in March. We'll be signing there again then. I'll have that up on the site soon.
Be watching as well for information on the booksigning at Jo-Beth's books in Lexington next month, as well for the Women's Expo in Kingsport Tennessee.
Writing has been going good the last month. I wanted to get a good start on Hidden Agendas and make certain it was going to work out before I began the updates. I think I have it though. I have 138 pages but I'll be a couple of days getting back to it. I'm finishing up copy edits at present on For Maggies Sake, a novella related to my SEAL's series that releases in February. You meet the hero Joe, in Dangerous Games. Both release in February. I've very excited about the release of this new series. The SEALs are stubborn, arrogant, and they've made writing their stories an adventure in the many ways you are NOT allowed to strangled the characters in your imagination. LOL
Its an adventure, but a learning one. I'll see about posting a short excerpt soon.
Thank you all for sticking with me, for your emails and all your encouragement. Be watching the newsletter Sensuous Escapes as well, for pictures of this weekends booksigning. Special thanks to Brenda for taking those pictures for me. I truly appreciate it.

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