Friday, September 01, 2006

There's not much to update tonight.
Hidden' Agenda's, so far, is doing well. I'm on page 77 but I had to go to Wal Mart today and we have to clean and freeze corn. Fresh corn on the cob is so good in the middle of winter. LOL
It will be a few days before I update again, I want to make certain Hidden Agenda's is working out well before I post. I restarted the beginning, i think the ending is pretty much finished, but the beginning and middle needs revision and work. Im hoping to finish it by the 9th, but I expect it to be more like the 13th or 15th. I'm praying no later than that. But within a few days I'll update again and perhaps post a short excerpt. Also coming soon are excepts for Harmony's Way and Dangerous Games, now on pre-order at I'm really excited about the coming release of these books and I hope you enjoy them.
And now, I think its bedtime for me.
Good night and pleasant dreams.

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