Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I've decided, my husband is just ornery.
Here I am, just typing my little fingers to the
bone, working on my next book due when he informs
me, with no shame whatsoever, that he's neglected.
*rolling eyes* Neglected I ask him? How are you
So he pulls me out of the office and into the bedroom
so I can......
No, not THAT. So I can listen to him play his guitar. LMAO
He's so neglected. LOL. He's such a man! He needed an
audience. LOL
But, I'm back to my desk. I had to go grocery shopping today for hamburger and chicken. Couldn't decide if I wanted fried chicken or meatloaf for dinner. I guess I settled on meatloaf. LOL
So now that I've decided, I can go back to work on the next Navy SEAL book, Hidden Agendas. Kell, my hero, has been so stubborn. Hopefully I have a handle on him now though. He's so into his heroine and yet so determined to save her from loving him, that sometimes, Ive wanted to pull my own hair out.
How could I create such a stubborn man.
Then I remember, I married such a man. *sigh*
So, this is today's update. LOL. It's not much I know
and until I KNOW this is going to work out, I really don't want to say much.
Remember to visit the forum when you get a chance.
Go to click on chat and schedule, scroll down just a bit and there is the button link to the forum. The ladies there have some great times, and I often randomly choose names from the posters for surprise gifts.
Have a great day. I hope you're finding wonderful books to read and that the summer has been a wonderful one. Until later...


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