Thursday, August 31, 2006

I needed just a little break. I just came off a 108,000 word book, Tanner's Scheme as well as Galleys that I had to do a rush job on. So I started Hidden Agenda's and my brain just felt froze. It just wasn't working. So I picked up a book I had gotten a while back but hadn't had the pleasure of reading yet. Dinah's Dark Desire by Mechele Armstrong from Loose Id.
OMG. I rarely ever read books that have m/m action, because its just not something that turns me on. But this one did. Ms. Armstrong weaved a very strong m/m/f relationship that had me reading from beginning to end without laying the book down. I highly recommend it. It has suspense, as well as good conflict, very sexy heroes and some really hot action.
So if you're looking for a hot, really interesting suspense, I recommend Dinah's Dark Desire.
Now, I need to a few more books to read. I'm going to check out my TBR pile.

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