Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I know, I didn't post last night. For a reason. I didn't go to bed. *can we say sleepy here?* I snagged a few hours nap and now I'm back to it.
Have i mentioned how BAD I want to go fishing. Just one day. LOL
Fishing is my little treat to myself for completing a book, and I because Kell in Hidden Agendas was so mean to me this summer, I haven't managed to finish a book. So I haven't go to fishing yet.
I am going to go fishing tomorrow. Tanner's Scheme is going to be finished and on its way to the CP. Then, this weekend, I will finish hidden agendas. I am going to go fishing. *whimper*
Honestly, most of the fault is Tanners, he's whipped through my mind and won't let go until I finish it now. I have to finish it, otherwise I will never sleep.
I did this with Elizabeth's Wolf too. Didn't sleep, didn't want to break to eat, I stayed in a constant fit of writing to complete it. Tanner has done the same. Now, lets just pray you like it as well. LOL
Now, I'm back to work. Tonight. I WILL FINISH TONIGHT. *whimpering* I really need to finish this tonight.

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