Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm on page 340 of Tanner's Scheme, of an estimated 400. Though I may go over a bit by time its finished. I spent today going over the fill, laying in a few additional pieces of information and finding out that Tanner likes watching Gilligan's Island. LOL. Yeah, that one surprised me too.
It's close to being finished. I expect tomorrow night to have the rough draft done, an extra night to go over the file again and then sometime around Tues or Weds night, it will go to the CP to fix all my terrible punctuaction and typos. Within a week or so, it will be headed to Berkley and I should then be finishing up Hidden Agenda's for St. Martins, the fourth book in the SEALs series which began with Reno's Chance in the Honk If You Love Real Men Anthology. Be sure not to miss the Real Men Do It Better Anthology in Feb, now on preorder at Amazon, it holds the third book to the series. I'm loving this series too. Dangerous Games, the second book, releases in February as well, a full length novel so hot I thought I though I was going to melt my computer writing it. LOL
And now, I'm heading to bed. I'm enjoying using the blog here, and I hope you're enjoying the information you find here.
So until tomorrow night, good night.

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