Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm running late again. *sigh* The son had to get up at five this morning to meet the bus at the school to go to the state fair. We got him to the school and he decided that since his friend wasn't there that he wasn't going either. I'm telling you, there are days... LOL
So its almost two before I'm getting started, but I'm hoping this goes fast. I know where the second half of Tanner's Scheme is going, and I think I know what the characters want, so I'm hoping to have this done before I head to bed tomorrow night. If I keep my head down and keep my focus, then theres a very good chance it will be done.
I hope you like Tanner's Scheme when it releases in mass market paperback through Berkley. I've really had a good time writing it and seeing Tanner's development. I'm back to work now. I'll post before heading to bed tonight to let you know how its gone. I'm currently at 275 pages out of a proposed 400. So lets see what I can get done today.

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