Friday, August 18, 2006

Well, I got a late start today. I had to do some grocery shopping and go to the post office. One of these days I'm going to live close to a big city rather than hour away from one. LOL The problem with going out to do anything as simple as getting a few grocery's means at least four hours away from the story, and then once I return, it takes several hours to get back into the zone again, and to get moving. Once I did manage to get the file pulled up and re-read what I had done last night, nearly twenty pages got the ax and I had to replace them. The twenty pages I tossed just weren't what needed to be there. Tanner's Scheme has become a very emotional book for me. Scheme is much different from what I had invisioned, and in a lot of ways, much stronger than I ever imagined. The core of steel inside her amazed me. And Tanner, playful, filled with laughter, and holding secrets I didn't anticipate. Yes, this book has been one surprise after another for me. I'm really hoping you enjoy it when it releases. While I was here, I wanted to tell you about some wonderful books I've read lately. Celeste Bradley. If you haven't picked up her historicals yet, then I encourage you to do so soon. I don't even like historicals for the most part, but these I LOVED. Shannon McKenna. Why didn't someone tell me sooner how incredibly hot and emotional her books are. I LOVE THEM. And Kresley Cole, A Hunger Like No Other. I've read it ten times already. And now I've finished my coffee and my little break. I've replaced the twenty pages I axed earlier, so its time to finish this bad boy. I'm crossing my fingers for at least fifty pages before going to bed tonight.

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