Thursday, August 17, 2006

Music for Tanner's Scheme.
Just a little off the wall information. For Tanner's Scheme, I'm listening to an AC/DC and Guns and Roses Mix. Something my husband and son had put together for driving music. See, when we're in the car going somewhere (Where we live, going to the grocery store is an hours trip) I always fall asleep. Anytime I get in a still position that I'm not reading or writing, I doze off. LOL
But when they played this CD, I would start dreaming of Tanner. So I stole it from them and put it on my IPod and this is what I've been listening to write this book. The hard beat of the songs, and the lyrics seem to make Tanner talk to me. Go figure. LMAO
Anyway, just an odd little piece of information I thought you might be interested in.

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